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Ever wondered having lunch in Italy? Right now I can't afford to travel there but I was one lucky gal to experience an Italy inspired meal! Casa Italia Cafe served Italian dishes and yummy gelatos! I was invited to sample some of their new food before it can actually go on to their men. Awesome right?


Casa Italia Cafe boasts on their flavors of Gelato. I can't even express how much I loved the flavors that I've tasted but say hello first to the wide arrays of their gelatos!


The space was quite spacious with an ample seating. The decorations reminds me of a trip to Italy (even though I'd never been to Italy). It just makes me feel like one.

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This food tasting is brought to you by Zomato and Casa Italia Cafe!


Here is the menu and the food that was served that day. I am not sure when is the exact date that they will release these new offerings but I'll show you some pictures of course.


The Pumpkin Soup which has bits of bacon is very creamy and a good one to warm up the food tasting.


The main dishes! Let's do a flat lay first! :)

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Sole Fillet with White Wine and Capers. I loved how the simplicity of the fillet was partnered with the wine. The wine was very tasty which completed enough with the fillet.


Chicken Parmigiana. I love everything with cheese though the chicken was a bit hard for me.


The downside for me was this Salisbury Steak. I am not sure if its only me but I found it salty.


And my most favorite would definitely go to the BBQ Pork Belly. The sauce was so tasty with less fat.


In between the menus, we were served with gelatos. From Pineapples, Spicy Chocolate, Ube and Green Mango. My favorite is the Pineapple! I was surprised because I don't really like eating Pineapple as a fruit but it was really delicious as a gelato. The Spicy Chocolate is something new for me and definitely a must try for someone who likes to dare spicy things. The Green Mango is also a revelation because I am used to the riped mangoes for gelato flavors. The flavor is really distinct on this one. The ube flavor was ok.

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The dessert doesn't end there because we are served with Summer Daydream (apple peach cabbler) and Midnight Surprise (chocolate lava cake). These two desserts are really good! But the best would go to the chocolate! I honestly forgot the name of it when I tasted it and all I can remember was chocolatey!!! I must say that this is one of the best that I've tasted!

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It was a true taste of Italy. It was like I was transported to a different place just by tasting the offerings of Casa Italia Cafe. It was a bit different to an Italian meal that I was expecting. I thought Italian is all about pizza and pasta! I do hope that the ones I like would finally go to their menu and should have a minimal change on some that I don't. But I really believe that taste is subjective and with the right price and Italian vibe plus accommodating staff, customer's will get what they paid for. Plus their Gelatos are really a must try!


Thank you so much Zomato and Casa Italia Cafe!


Casa Italia Cafe
Forbestown Road, 
Burgos Park, 
Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig City

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