How To View Your BDO EIP Account Online

How To View Your BDO EIP Account Online

It's been a while since I have money updates here in the blog. As usual nagtitipid pa din po ako, but they are still times that I forget though I make sure that I make up for it. I started again from scratch because we are renovating our townhouse little by little. I still don't have emergency fund and I didn't even started the 26 Weekly Money Challenge Reversed. I even borrowed money from the Junior Savers Account of my twins! Yep, mas madame silang savings kesa sa kin! Ha Ha Ha! Poor me!
Medyo nakakadepress kasi your goals are not met. So I was busy attending blogger events. I was just lucky that I have groups who invites me to attend events and foodie meet-ups. Nakakawala ng stress sa totoo lang. So don't get surprise if I have a lot of post here and there. Eh yan naman talaga ang main purpose ng blog na 'to! 

Going back to the title of this post (sorry a lot of segways), I was able to view my BDO EIP account yesterday. Last August 2015, I registered my BDO Savings Account for an Easy Investment Plan and have it automated every 30th of the month for 1k. I am currently on Equity Fund. So every month they will deduct money from my account to invest in units. See more about UITF here. I've read from previous blogs that you will not be able to view or connect your EIP to your BDO account until it reaches 10k or until you received COP (Certificate of Participation). So I waited until one day while browsing from Female Network's forum, someone already viewed her account even if she'd invested for only 5 months. Curious as always, I asked and she told me the steps on how to do it (syempre share ko na din sa inyo hehehe). Before you do this, check first if the bank already deducted the payment from your account.

First, you should have a BDO online account. Then click Enrollment Services. Go to Trust Account> enable viewing my account > yes and click submit. After 4 days, you can go ahead and check if you can view your account. Super simple! Let me show you mine.

How To View Your BDO EIP Account Online

I already have P250.13 gains! I am excited to get my first COP! Mas malaki pa sa tubo ng deposits sa bank and time deposits! Not bad huh? I know it is still small but I am so very proud of myself! I am hoping to have this on a long term of course. And on the other side, my VUL's Fund Value from Sunlife is doing good too! These two products are really working for me because I can't withdraw it anytime. If you withdraw from your EIP that is not 10k yet, lugi ka and also you still need to consider the value of the units kung kumita ba yung pera mo. In Sunlife naman kahit pwede ko namang iwithdraw yung fund value, I just can't kasi bumabawi pa ko sa adminstration charges ng insurance and I am allotting that money for my kid's education expenses in the future.

There maybe times na susuko na ko sa pag iipon but as long as you have the goals and discipline, anything is doable. 

And on other news, I bought my own domain! So my blog is now! Happy! :)

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