Capture Your TriSoPure Moment!

Capture Your TrisoPure Moment!

Hey moms! Share your #TriSoPureMoment with us and get a chance to WIN P1,000 worth of TriSoPure Baby Wash products!

How to join:
1. Like TriSoPure on Facebook.

2. Register and submit your photo here.

3. In the app, type in a caption that briefly describes your TriSoPure Moment with your baby.

4. Maximum of 5 entries per mom. Photo filters are allowed.

Requirements for the photo: 
It must show a bonding moment of mommy and baby.
TriSoPure Baby Wash (170mL or 400mL) must be present.
The photo must be true to TriSoPure's image. Nudity or inappropriate images are not allowed.

The best 30 entries will be shortlisted following a set of criteria.
Judges will select 15 winners, to be announced on their website.
The top 3 photos with the highest number of votes will also get a special prize.

All entries are not automatically approved. It will undergo screening where the photo shows no malicious content, promotes bad values and ethics, etc. TriSoPure has the right to disregard and disqualify any participants on this promotion. The approved entry will be shown on the Facebook application at most 24 - 48 hours after submission during weekdays and at most 48 - 72 hours during weekends. 

Photo submission deadline is on February 29, 2016, 11:59 PM UTC+08:00. After February 29, 2016, all entries will not be qualified to join the promo.

The top three entries per region will be selected as winners and will receive a Php 1,000 worth of products. The criteria for winning will be:

40% Relevance of the photo and caption to the promo
30% Photo Caption
20% Creativity
10% Overall Impact

The prize will be shipped directly to the winners and the winners will not shoulder any costs regarding the prize. Vote for your favorite #TriSoPureMoment picture! Top entries will receive a special prize from TriSoPure! The top 3 most voted entries will also receive a Php 1,000 worth of TriSoPure gift pack. The basis will be the highest number of votes on the Capture Your TriSoPure Moment application. The winners will be chosen on March 2, 2016. The winners will be announced on March 7, 2016. Prize is not transferrable to cash nor can be passed on to anyone.


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