My 30th Birthday: Pre, Post And The Day Itself!

Birthday Cake

Yep I turned 30 years old last December 2015. I am making this post to remind myself on how great life is and how to celebrate your birthday with simple things together with your family. It was very meaningful to me because when I was single, I always felt incomplete during my birthday. Usually I will celebrate it with friends and will always get drunk and will regret the next day. Or will celebrate it at the office working hard and then regret it after. The routine. The year before I've become pregnant, me and my partner are not in good terms. Then I got pregnant and that's when I realized that I've been celebrating my birthday meaningfully. I can really say that my twins made my life complete! They turned it upside down but in a really good way. In 2013, I celebrated my birthday with good friends left and right, this time not getting drunk of course but with good chat, good food and a lot of laughter. In 2014, I celebrated it together with the baptism of my twins. And this year, I celebrated it for 3 days! So let's go with it by pictures.

On my pre-birthday celebration, my partner and I decided to have a stroll in the mall. We didn't get a chance to celebrate Christmas outside. We stayed at home mainly because there are a lot of people during this time at the mall. We let the twins played at the Worlds of Fun of Sta. Lucia Mall.


We ate at Shakey's after and purchased their Supercard. I got my free Pepperoni Pizza and Mojo's because it's my birth month!

Shakey's Sta. Lucia Mall

Before going home, we had a little pictorial inside the mall. This little boy loves this big teddy bear!

Teddy Bear

The day of my birthday, my family decided that we go to Marikina Riverbanks. We cooked for our packed meal. I roasted a whole chicken with stuffed cream mushroom (recipe from The Bright Spot) using my Asahi convection oven.

Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Cream of Mushroom

And here is the result. This recipe is so easy and it is so deliciously juicy! You must try it! I'd never thought that I can really pull it off because its my first time to roast a whole chicken. Perfect with a lot of rice!

Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Cream of Mushroom

I also made 6 Leche Flans. Yummy!

Leche Flan

Bought a simple cake from Red Ribbon. I didn't mind buying my own cake! Ha Ha Ha! I bought this using my gift certificates (from prizes).

Red Ribbon Chocolate Cake

My not so little boys (anymore) getting ready.


The view of Marikina Riverbank where there are a lot of rides for kids and adults worth P30.00 pesos. We had a blanket and a little picnic. We ate first before going around.

Marikina Riverbanks

The kids really had fun just running here and there! This place is perfect for families and you don't have to break a bank to have some fun.

The children (my brother's daughters, my sister-in-law's nieces and nephews) sang Happy Birthday! It was really a joy seeing them sing Happy Birthday to me. Feeling ko children's party to! He He He!

Children singing Happy Birthday

Overall it was exhausting but fun! There is only one disappointment at the place. There were a lot of trash from people who stayed there. I hope people who come there and visit should know how to carry their own trash. Hello guys free na nga yung place eh! I was so proud with my brother when he initiated to put all our trash on one plastic bag and put it on a nearby trash can. Meron namang nearby trash can, I just don't understand why people can't do it. Its so simple.

The post celebration of my birthday was celebrated with just me and my partner. We don't usually have an "Us Time". We should actually do this more often but I will always end up thinking about the twins and how much I misses them. We went to a nearby mall, have a simple date and just annoy each other (we do this everyday hehehe). We first planned to watch a movie, but my partner being a killjoy don't like any tagalog movies so we just postponed it and go to the arcade instead. Syempre masaya na naman yung bata! Pinagbigyan ko na syang maglaro ng maglaro. :)

Bondoy's Chicken

And just like that and I am now 30 years old! I really don't feel like my age! Seriously! I still looked like in my 20's. I found it a compliment at times but sometimes I wished I look more mature so people will take me seriously. Nevertheless, I loved being at 30. As I look back, my life is not perfect for 30 years but I am happier. I am grateful for every little blessings that is coming my way. I also learned to become more contented so maybe that is the reason that I feel I don't need a lot of things to be happy. Now, I long for a lot of memories with the people that I love so I can treasure it thru the rest of my life.

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