My 2016 GOALS


Hello guys! How was your holiday? I want to post how we celebrated Christmas but I don't have time because we are really busy and 2 days after that was my 30th Birthday. Oh yeah I already turned 30! I can't believe it! Gosh, time really flies so fast!

So today is the last day of the year! Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this! I am currently writing this from the office. Yeah I am still working before the year ends. And to tell you honestly, there is no work so I have time to write this. I am still trying to think of what are the goals that I want next year so I might edit this. 

  • 3 Month Emergency Fund
  • Moving In in Cavite
  • Save for Home Furniture
  • Save for Home Renovation
  • Travel with Kids

I think that's just it! I just want to be direct to the point on what are my goals. So yeah, my partner and I are finally planning to move in in Cavite! And I am really afraid, excited, anxious literally mixed feelings! First we really need to be financially and emotionally ready. I think the latter is the hardest one. I've been living with my brother for the longest time. We've been living together on our own since we were high-schools (my mom is an OFW and she left us with our relatives but decided that we just live in Antipolo on our own because of some misunderstandings with some of our relatives). I got the townhouse when I was still single and my mom and I planned to renovate it for the whole family. And then we had our own families. I am not sure if my brother will go with us because his wife's family is nearer in Antipolo.

On the other note, I am excited. Excited to live on our own, excited to decorate the house, excited to live on the new environment. 

And lastly, excited to save so I can buy our own furniture. I really need to push hard for the saving part. He He He! How about you? What are your goals for 2016?

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