How I Spent My 13th Month Pay


I was actually not excited at all on receiving my 13th month pay. First, because we already received the half of it at the middle of the year (our previous company had an acquisition with a much bigger company meaning we received our first half of 13th month pay including the separation pay). Where did I used it? Half of it was paid for my insurance and the other half was paid for savings and debts. Yeah, I know. It hurts. Second, I don't really want to spend much and I was planning to put it if not all for building my emergency fund. And lastly, because I wanted to save. I don't want to think that I have that extra money with me to go on shopping. 

So how did I actually spent (the other half of) my 13th month pay?

UITF - 10%

I didn't include the Christmas shopping for gifts on this list because it's not really my priority. Oh don't get me wrong. I got some portion from my everyday allowance to buy gifts for my kids, relatives and godchildren. It takes a lot of budgeting and saving from my part. I bought a gift for myself on the last week of October (I bought an Asahi convection oven!) and early shopping for my twins so it was already out of the budget coming December. I had a hectic schedule at work plus the fact that I will be spending half day of December 24 at work so I can't go to Divisoria! Sad! But I still found a way to shop for affordable gifts at Taytay! Yey!

I still have these Money Goals in mind. I am still aiming for that 3 month worth pay of Emergency Fund. As I've mentioned here, I failed on building one because of some unusual expenses (yep its not emergency so its unusual Ha Ha Ha). I was not happy with my financial goals though I was consistent with my Insurance, Twins' Savings Account and UITF! Achieved na din! And in 9 days the year will end so I am still hopeful that next year will be another year for saving!

So how did you spent your 13th month pay?

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