Healthy Candies: Why We Love VitaCubes

Healthy Candies: Why We Love VitaCubes

VitaCubes are cube soft like candies that are rich in vitamins and minerals. I first introduced these to my twins when I got packs from Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party. I was hesitant at first to give these to my twins because its candies. Little did I know, these candies are "the bomb" in terms of Vitamins! I honestly didn't feel guilty when I let them try it for the first time! And now, its definitely our favorite. Here's the list why:


As I've mentioned above, VitaCubes are not just candies, these little jelly candies contain vitamins and minerals. They contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lysine and Zinc which are essentials to our growing children.


Healthy Candies: Why We Love VitaCubes

They come in different colors in cute soft cubes! The flavors are orange, mango, apple, grape and strawberry. 


Healthy Candies: Why We Love VitaCubes

If you are still planning on what to buy kids these coming holiday, why not give them VitaCubes? I was actually thinking of buying a lot for my nieces & nephews and my partner's nieces and nephews too! I will buy jars where I could put them, add ribbons and tags. The colors will be lovely because you will see it through the glass. Just perfect!


It's suggested retail price for 50g is P12! So that is good news because I will hoard a lot this coming Christmas! Aside from giving it as gifts, these is a great alternative for kids who will go on caroling at our house, so they will get to experience it too!


Definitely! I'm actually addicted to it! He He He!


I mean literally, in seconds it was all gone!

Healthy Candies: Why We Love VitaCubes
My twins munching on VitaCubes

Isn't it obvious that they like it? I am actually hiding the last packs from them because they can't get enough of it!

Special thanks to Rebisco Vitacubes!

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