Stressed? Chill Out and #ChooseYourBottles from SOSRO Fruit Tea

Stressed? Chill Out and #ChooseYourBottles from SOSRO Fruit Tea

Is your life too hard to handle? Juggling your time from work, home, and personal relationships? Plus, there's traffic, government issues, and such! I know we've been all there!

As a mom of twin boys, with a full-time job on a mid-shift, pursuing blogging and other passion on the side, it's really easy to feel stressed. Stress they say is inevitable. Even if we want to avoid it, it is certain to happen. But it makes life exciting, isn't it? I know a lot of us have a different approach to coping with stress and here I will list my ways to chill out and be stress-free!

  • Sleep - I always make sure that I have enough sleep so I can face anything the next day. It will also help me think thoroughly and make decisions well.

  • Slow Down - One of the best tips that I got from Zen Habits is to slow down. Don't rush everything. One step at a time. Learn to take things slowly by enjoying what you eat, playing with your kids, and exploring nature. There are a lot of things that you can slow down and I wish my kids would slow down from growing! :)

  • Eat Healthy & Exercise - They go hand in hand and are the most common advice of stress relief. It is a fact that a healthy person is prepared and can handle stress at any given circumstances. I'm getting there! 

  • Grateful & Positive - Is it nice that we are always thankful for our lives? By developing a positive attitude it may help us reduce stress.

  • Do what you love - & never work a day in your life! My favorite quote! Enough said! :)
Stressed? Chill Out and #ChooseYourBottles from SOSRO Fruit Tea
Created in 1997 by P.T. Sinar Sosro- pioneers of the world’s first bottled ready-to-drink tea, Sosro Fruit Tea finally reaches the Philippines shores via Reddimart Multi-resources’ exclusive partnership with the brand’s principals.

  • Relax - and enjoy every moment! Take advantage of your breaks, or quench your thirst with a refreshing drink like SOSRO Fruit Tea. You can chill out and #ChooseYourBottles from its distinct tea-infused flavors Freeze, apple, guava, and strawberry. Pick the perfect bottle that suits your current state of mind and get to chill in no time.
Stressed? Chill Out and #ChooseYourBottles from SOSRO Fruit Tea
The number one manufacturer of tea drinks in Indonesia, Sosro Fruit Tea’s invigorating flavors are now chilling at SM Hypermarkets, Landmark, Sta. Lucia Grocery, Tropical Hut, Hi-Top Supermarket, Walter Mart, Pioneer Center, and other leading supermarkets.

Stressed? Chill Out and #ChooseYourBottles from SOSRO Fruit Tea
For more information, visit and follow Sosro Fruit Tea on Facebook at <>, and on Twitter and Instagram <@sosrofruittea>
  • Love - Last and definitely not the least! I always love to hug my twins every-time I'm out of focus and troubled. They are my life and the reason for my existence. They are my everything! 

My Twins - Nheng's Wonderland

The thing is you will always get stressed, but you only live once hence don't pressure yourself! Chill out! Breathe in and focus because tomorrow is another day. :)

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