Short Film at Work

Short Film

I know that Halloween is already over, but I just like to share our short film where we participated at work for the Halloween contest. The film is 2 minutes long and we shoot it using an Iphone only and edited via Viva Video app. There are a lot of good entries and we are not expecting to win. Plus, we are an amateur in terms of editing videos. We joined just for fun! 

I can still remember when I was in college, all our projects are consist of making  film, MTV and documentaries. I missed those days! So I was really glad that there is activities like this at work. At first, I initially wanted to have a small role, like a zombie (being a TWD fan) for example that will just be an extra. But it turns out, I became the main ghost! :p

Short Film

I will not spoil you the whole story but better view it yourself. You can view the video below and its best to have your headset on. Happy Viewing! 

Last week, we found out that we are one of the nominees for Best in Poster. And just today, it was announced that we are the grand winner (there were 3 winners for the poster) out of 25 entries!  Hooray! :)

Our price: 4k SODEXO!

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