DIY Invitation and Thank You Tags

A quick post! I've been making a lot of invitations lately for free. I think I can do this for a living. Though most of the request are from my cousins and kumare's, I'm still doing it out of love. Naks! So here are some of the invitations that I made from scratch.

Sofia The First Invitation

For the Sofia The First invitation, there are a lot of templates from Google. Then I will just add texts and some images. This is a rush invitation. I made this on a Friday and the celebration is on a Sunday. Wow cramming! :p

The mom wanted a simple design with a minimal texts and just one image.

Sofia The First Invitation

For this Baptismal invitation, I got the peg from Pinterest and added the texts and some quotes.

Baptismal Invitation
Baptismal Invitation

I edited the invitation to come up with this Thank You tag.

Thank You Tags
Baptismal Thank You Tag

It was a bit difficult to make the Spiderman invitation because I don't want it to look congested. The mom also has a lot of requests to add many pictures. :p

Spiderman Tarpaulin
For the tarpaulin

These are my own designs with the help of Google images. :)

Spiderman Invitation

The mom wanted to edit the invitation to make a Thank You Tag. 

Thank You Tag

Well, the moms are happy with the outcome and that makes me feel happy too!

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