My Checklist for Blogapalooza 2015

Blogapalooza 2015

Its my 2nd year to attend Blogapalooza this year. My first time is when my blog was just 3 months old. Back then I don't have any idea what is this about. My first time was a blast! I met blogger friends on the event. Hello Aubrey and Jerellt! I also met some online personalities like Divine Lee, Bogart, Maputing Cooking etc. It also open a lot of possibilities and events for me. I was able to attend a meet and greet with Allison Harvard from ANTM, a family photoshoot c/o Imagine Nation Photography and a lot more! So I am really excited when they announced the upcoming Blogapalooza 2015 with a bigger venue.

What is Blogapalooza? Blogapalooza is a community. To know more, see my post here.

Last year, I didn't really plan on anything when I attended the event. I just go there all by myself armed with my Iphone camera. This year, I am hoping to be much prepared! Huh! So here are my checklist:

  • Calling Cards - I finally have my own calling card! I made the simple design and have it printed at Printomax for P250 pesos only/100+ pieces. Thanks to Glenda of A Beauty Bella for recommending it to me.
  • Extra Clothes - Its a good thing that I only have one event that day not unlike last year. Im coming all the way from Antipolo and I need to be comfortable just in case.
  • Extra Slippers - Aside from having a comfortable slip ons or shoes, I need to have an extra one because there will be a lot of walking, believe me!
  • Camera - I brought just my Iphone last time and its more convenient for me to take pictures. But I will have my Canon (SLR) just in case.
  • Powerbank - Yes, because you will take a lot of pictures! And you need to be online too and that will make your phone drain.
  • Data - Good thing I am still subscribed to Unlisurf. Most of the booths will require you to follow their page, like a page, post a picture and so on. So be ready!
  • Water - You will be exhausted on going around and this will keep you hydrated.
  • Pen - If in case they will not provide any, but I doubt (most of the booths last year gave out pens).
  • Time - I will go there early to make the most out of all the booths. Last year I only spent 3 hrs roaming around. I also want to go home early so I can avoid traffic.
  • Smile! - Be ready to introduce yourself to a lot of people. Practice that introduction and make friends. I don't have a problem with this as long as I don't look like a stalker of someone whom I am reading their life online. :p

Blogapalooza 2015

Registration is still extended until Saturday!
 Go to this link to sign up. 
Hoping to see you all there!

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