Chinese Cuisine Feast: King Bee

Chinese Cuisine Feast: King Bee

I am no royalty in terms of ordering Chinese food. But who I am to decline when a King invited me to have a feast? Yes you got it right, King Bee, one of the authentic Chinese Restaurant together with Zomato invited me for a lunch feast! Having been said that, I was really excited because I always wanted to try King Bee as I always pass by this place everyday going to work. 

It was lunch time when I got to the place and there were a lot of cars parked outside the restaurant. Loyal customers frequent to this place so it is evident that their food is delicious.

Chinese Cuisine Feast: King Bee

Upon my entry to the restaurant, the royalty himself greeted me. Hello there Mr King Bee!

Chinese Cuisine Feast: King Bee

The place was a little jam-packed with people who are having their lunch so I was not able to take a picture of the whole area. There are big round tables with a moving table at the center for the dishes. The place is also well lighted by the yellow lamps.

Chinese Cuisine Feast: King Bee

I was served with my choice of juice which is Mango Juice to start the feast. The waiters and waitresses are on clean uniform and very attentive. I also wanted to point out that their menu is really huge! Its like an encyclopedia with very clear pictures of the food.

King Bee: Mango Juice

We are served with different varieties of food. There are a lot to choose from! We had roasting, soup, rice, noodles, pork, prawn, chicken, beef and dessert! And I am not even starting but I am sure you got hungry by saying those menus that will be served. Yeah? :)

King Bee: Cold Cuts Combination
Cold Cuts Combination

Cold Cuts Combination is a mixture of Barbecue Asado, Soy Tofu and Soy Chicken, Pata Hamon, Beef Kinchie and Century Egg with Seaweeds. I like the Barbecue Asado's sweetness and the Beef Kinchie and Century Egg with Seaweeds minimal spiciness.

King Bee: Mixed Seafood with Polonchay Soup
Mixed Seafood with Polonchay Soup

For soup, mixed seafood with polonchay soup was served. It has a lot of seafood bits and tasted really healthy. Polonchay is spinach.

King Bee: Yangchow Fried Rice
Yangchow Fried Rice

King Bee: Birthday Noodles
Birthday Noodles

The Birthday Noodles is nothing really special. For me it is just a regular pancit where you usually cooked on your birthday though it has a lot of ingredients on it.

King Bee: Sweet & Sour Pork
Sweet & Sour Pork

The Sweet & Sour Pork has the right balanced of both taste. The pork is cooked well too. One of my favorites!

King Bee: Shredded Beef  Tenderloin w/ sliced Mango
Shredded Beef  Tenderloin w/ sliced Mango

Another favorite is the Shredded Beef Tenderloin with Sliced Mango. I can not imagine that this kind of dish will blend well with the ripe mango. A really unique combination but very delicious.

King Bee Fried Chicken
King Bee Fried Chicken

King Bee Fried Chicken was served with crunchy kropek. It was a little dry for me and bland on my taste. Though the chicken was crisp on the outside but its lacking the taste.

King Bee: Sauteed Prawn Balls w/ Salted Egg Yolk & Broccoli Flower
Sauteed Prawn Balls w/ Salted Egg Yolk & Broccoli Flower

And the star of the day will go to the Sauteed Prawn Balls with Salted Egg Yolk & Broccoli Flower. It was my first time to taste a prawn with an outer layer of salted egg. I am a fan of salted egg and when it was combined to prawn it was really really yummy! Even if there's no sauce and a just a little seasoning on it, I loved it! I didn't hesitate to take the last remaining prawn on the plate. He He He.

Chinese Cuisine Feast: King Bee

If this is not feast to you, I don't know what you should call it. :)

King Bee: Dessert Platter
Dessert Platter

And just when we thought that the feast is over, the amazingly made Dessert Platter was served. The fresh fruits are cut beautifully arranged to be a tower. 

Chinese Cuisine Feast: King Bee

King Bee has several branches and also open for events like Birthdays and other parties. In fact when we are eating, the whole staff sang Happy Birthday to one of their customers who was celebrating his birthday. Prices are really affordable especially if you are in groups.

Chinese Cuisine Feast: King Bee

Thank you King Bee for giving us a Chinese Cuisine Feast that we definitely enjoyed!

King Bee Chinese Restaurant
120 Kingsville Commercial Arcade
Marcos Highway, Masinag
Antipolo City

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