Throwaway Sunday

Have you ever felt that attachment to the things you owned that you keep for a very long time and yet you never really uses it? Yes I am guilty of that. But when I started to declutter my closet, I know I really need to do it on my drawers too. I am the person who is really sentimental with things especially if there's a memory on it or if is given by someone. But by this time, I really need to let go some of the things that I kept which is really not a necessity or what you call "kalat lang". Ganun siguro kapag tumatanda na, nawawala na yung attachments mu sa mga bagay bagay. Moments becomes more important.

Throwaway Sunday: Old Planners
Old Planners

I've been using small planners for a very very long time. I started having a planner since I've started working because I wanna see my progress. And reading those old dates makes me smile and happy. I even had notes when I had my heart broken and my katangahan days. Ha Ha Ha. But now that I've become a mom, planner becomes a list for recipes, list for crochet patterns, progress of my twins etc. It's good to look back and assess but I don't need to keep them anymore. Now I am keeping just one notebook for recipe's and patterns.

We will sell some of the items to a Junk Store and some will be given away.

Throwaway Sunday: Old Smart Modem
To Sale: Old Smart Modem

Throwaway Sunday: Old Notepads
To Give: Old Notepads

Throwaway Sunday: Boxes of Phones
To Throw: Boxes of Phones

Old Router, Charger and a Cam
To Sell: Old Router, Charger and a Cam

Old Earphone with crochet cover
To Throw: Old Earphone with crochet cover

I am contemplating if I will throw this away because I made the cover by hand. See here. It's not working and I can make one anyway. So off you go!

Badges, Old foundation container, id holder, old toothbrush
To Throw: Badges, Old foundation container, id holder, old toothbrush

old wires, mouse, plugs
To Sell: old wires, mouse, plugs

Stones collected from Marinduque
To Throw: Stones I collected from Marinduque

I believed in memories. I treasured them. I kept these stones for a very very long time but it really didn't fit with our house now so I need to let it go. Though I still have the pictures from the travels, that will stay.

To Give: Mousepads

Old glasses with grades
To Give or Sell: Old glasses with grades

To Sell: Webcam that I didn't use

Blackberry Stitch Case
To Sell or To Give: My Blackberry Stitch Case

As much as I love collecting Stitch items, this one should go too because I don't have my Blackberry Phone anymore.

Old glasses
To Sell: Old glasses

Small Wallets
To Give: Small Wallets

Old Contact Lenses Storage
To Give: Old Contact Lenses Storage

Pins for corkboard
to Give: Pins for corkboard

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