Decluttering My Closet

Decluttering My Closet

Since I've became a reader of Zen Habits, I am hooked on how he lives on minimal stuff. I've been getting a lot of pointers from him. I admire him but I can't go on being minimalist just yet. Mahirap sya and it takes time. Then I am also currently addicted to Pinas For Good, maybe because I can relate to her. My mom is also an OFW and I admired her standpoint on being frugal. I love her posts about Throwaway Thursday where she donates stuff that she is not using anymore. When I was single, I don't care about buying a lot of clothes. My reason is, I don't have a lot when I was young and I don't get to buy clothes that I like. Mostly my clothes are hand me downs from the daughter of my mom's employer. So when I started to work and earn, every payday should be shopping day. I bought clothes like there's no tomorrow. When travelling, its a must that I will always have a new clothes for pictorial purposes. Oh those where the days!

Then I've become a mom. I started to budget all the outgoing money. I stopped going to the malls even if its SALE. I will think first before buying. And because of busy schedule, my closet is a mess! I don't even have time to arrange my clothes and though I have enough to wear, I can't decide on what to wear every single day.

So this is a great idea to declutter my closet. This is just the first part of decluttering my items. I had an Orocan cabinet for all my clothes plus 1 big cabinet. I am planning too to buy another cabinet for the twins and my partner but there's no space at our little abode. Imagine all the clothes that I've bought from the past year, it will not fit to both of my cabinets. It became a problem and a stress to me. Plus I have twins who needs organizing of their clothes too.  

Finally I made a decision, I read a very good project from this site The Project 333. It gave me an idea of minimizing clothes. It's a project about using only 33 clothes in 3 months which is really hard. I can't really do the project because we don't have a uniform and I can't choose 33 clothes yet (yes, I still have the sentimental value mindset. Baby steps at a time). So what I did is, I choose clothes that are basic and the ones that I am using mostly everyday, on weekends and pambahays. I already give away some of my unused and napagliitan clothes to my partner's cousins (since I gave birth to my twins, I can't go back to my XS size). I folded the clothes that don't need ironing on a roll way version so I can easily pull it, while my dresses and other clothes that needs ironing goes with a hanger on my other cabinet. The old clothes and other items will go for SALE, one of these weekends. Before, all my clothes will not fit on the 4 drawers and on my big cabinet. But now see the result below.

Decluttering My Closet

Decluttering My Closet

All my clothes now can only fit to 3 drawers and my big cabinet. I can also add my twins' and my partner's clothes. No need to buy another cabinet. Yehey!

I was really surprised with all the clothes that will be on SALE! Yes this much clothes that I really don't wear for a very very long time. I will sell this outside our house on every weekend for a low price. :) Yey!

Decluttering My Closet

I was really happy, I have enough space and enough clothes to wear. I then realized that I don't need much clothes, just the basics. And in the coming days, I will also declutter more items.

Please let me know if you know some organization who needs clothes for donation.

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