Crochet Baby Socks

Crochet Baby Socks

This is a super duper long overdue post! I still had a lot of these which I haven't posted yet. These are the socks that I made for my nephew (my cousin's 1st baby boy). I gave this as a gift last Christmas. Oh diba nakatipid pa ko sa pang regalo. He He He!

Then I still had this one pink sock that I will be giving for my niece naman (my brother's 3rd daugther). And guess what? I still haven't finished the other pair and I don't have any pink yarns. In the end, ayun hindi na kasya sa kanya yan. Ha Ha Ha. But nothing to worry. I have another cousin who gave birth to a new baby girl (andame naming lahi!). Sa kanya na mapupunta yan. Yun eh kung matatapos ko. :)

Crochet Baby Socks

If you wanted to get the full pattern of this, you can get it from Le Monde de Sucrette, one of my favorite crocheter! It's really easy once you know the basics and you can play with different colors too.

I still need to post the other projects that I had done for motivation na din so I can finish all my pending projects. :)

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