CIGNAL TV Customer Service sucks!

After waiting for more than a month, finally CIGNAL TV Customer Service answered my query. I sent them an email last May 20, 2015 and I received an automated email. 

Dear Valued Subscriber
Thank you for reaching out to Cignal Care. Our operation hours is from 9am to 6pm daily. Please expect our response within 1-2 business days. To better assist you, always provide your Account Number and/or Smartcard Number.  

They didn't get back to me, I emailed them again on May 26, 2015. But still, I received another automated email. I also tried to contact their Twitter account but they can't answer my query. I even called them but wasted my time for several hours for someone to pick up the call. I tried sending several emails, but its still the same. I also tried their Customer Chat Support and I just waited for several hours. You may say that I can just go to their office, but I am working full time and can't go to any of their offices. In fact it's just a simple query that I am asking. I just need a simple answer.

And today, I finally received an email from them. Yes, they got back to me for more than 1 month! How frustrating is that?

I am decided that I will disconnect my plan from them. The lock in period is for 25 months and on August 23, 2015 is my 25th month. I am paying for P580 pesos a month but 2 months ago they increases to P600. If I am going to calculate all the money I spent, that will be more than P14,500 pesos! I really regretted getting a postpaid plan from them. I only watched some of the channels and I am not usually home except for weekends. I applied for the cable for my partner who stays at the house looking over the twins. But he is disappointed with almost all the shows being replayed several times. He ended up watching CD's instead.

I hope I just invested the money or put it on my savings account. But it's not too late, I learned my lesson.

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