Love For Spicy: Sisig Society

I love sisig! Especially if its spicy. And if you are a foodie, you will eat it with rice and not just a pulutan when you are drinking with your friends. So happy to finally try Sisig Society in Eastwood.

I love the ambiance and the decors. There is an art wall where you can take a photo op. The colors are just bright to the eyes. I also love the big windows. They also have an al fresco dining.

I am with my co-workers Pam & JK and decided to have our lunch break at Sisig Society. Pam ordered for the Diablo Chicken Sisig where she wanted to separate the spicy sauce. 

Diablo Chicken Sisig P149.00

We had the wrong order because Pam requested to separate the spicy sauce from the sisig. The sauce is really spicy but I like it.

Crispy Chicken Sisig P145.00

JK ordered for the Crispy Chicken Sisig. It is not overwhelming. The crispiness of the chicken are there. But I still prefer it to be spicy.

Sisig Tacos P99.00

I ordered for the Sisig Tacos. Yes I didn't have rice because I have a packed lunch. JK & Pam ruined my budget!  But I can't say no. Ha Ha Ha. Anyway, the Sisig Tacos has full of flavors. I just hope that they added 2 more Tacos because the fillings are just too much for one taco. It's just that they served the taco really late. I was the first one who ordered but Pam & JK's orders came first. It was the easiest one to prepare because there is no egg.

Here are my dates. :)

It was a nice dining experience. I will definitely recommend this to my partner as he loves Sisig too. The servings are really bitin because the taste really delivers.

Sisig Society Eastwood Citywalk 1
Libis, Quezon City.

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