June Cheap Finds

June Cheap Finds
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I've actually stopped doing clothes shopping because we are still building our emergency fund. But small buys wouldn't hurt right? Before I am so impulsive on buying clothes and now I already gave out a lot of my clothes since the twins came. I've been into basic pieces that I can wear for a very very long time. Plus its should be affordable.

My auntie (eldest ate of my mom), influenced me to buy ukay-ukay clothes since college. She have a selection of ukay clothes store from Baguio. From then on, I was fond of it. But time constraints, I am not able to visit my favorites ukay stores from the Metro. Then when I went to Antipolo Bayan, I can't help but to visit some ukay-ukay store.

June Cheap Finds

I found this simple blouse for P75 pesos only. I know it's still kinda expensive. They are on a new arrival so I didn't propose on a lower price.

June Cheap Finds

This one is P100 pesos. I always wanted a crochet blazer. I also wanted to create one soon but I am still looking for simple pattern that I can follow. This is a nice partner to my dresses or my tube tops with shorts.

Just G skirt

And another one here is not from an Ukay store. I got it from Just G. There's a funny story about why I bought this skirt. In our office, when HR declares dress down (because of heavy rains), we can dress on shorts and flip flops. Mistakenly, I read an email that we can have a dress down so it means that we can wear shorts the other day. It ends up that email is supposed to be on the day that it was sent. Meaning, they declared dress down when everyone is already in the office. So? I went on shorts the following day. And because I don't want to go home to change outfits, I looked around Eastwood for a skirt.

Just G

Luckily, I found this P175 pesos skirt from Just G on sale! At un nga andameng nilang skirt na bet ko! I hope andun pa sila nextweek. Mapapabili pa tuloy ako ng de-oras. :p

Whew! Wala to sa budget sa totoo lang. But still the skirt fitted me and I can still use it at work. Lesson learned? Basahin mabuti ang email. :)

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