I Want To Go Home

I am on that phase na I want to write something but nothing is coming out of my mind. Sows kala mu naman meron talagang ilalabas! Ganito pala yung feeling na gusto mu magblog pero wala ka mapiga sa utak mu. I am feeling lutang now. I have so may draft post and I can't write anything. 

My Boys!

Anyway, I really want to go home na. I am writing this during my break at the office. My partner is not feeling well and my twins have cough and colds. And all I wanted to do is go home and take care of them. But I just can't and I am feeling so miserable. I got sick last week too, nawalan ako ng boses for a day and I was so kawawa I can't even file for a leave because it's double pay. Sayang kasi eh! Hindi naman ako pinagcalls but I am still missing the times na sana I'm with my kids. Haist!

So it's already the 15th of the month! And my blog's first anniversary is on the 18th! Akalain mu yun? One year na ang blog ko at saka naman ako tinamad magblog! Sa mga hindi pa nakakasali my giveaway is still up and running. Please do join and I will appreciate it a lot. Yun lang. I hope uwian na! :(

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