Dec's Asian Specialty

Don't you just love window shopping? Especially when you are on a critical wallet day? Though I am really torturing myself 'coz I can't buy any. He He He. Anyway I found this Dec's Asian Specialty store when I tried Faburrito. They got products from asian countries like cookies, coffees, teas, etc.

They got Pepero.


And more coffee's

Baked Snacks and Red Velvet Oreo's

Honey Shrimp Sauce

Chips Ahoy

I got to try these 3 flavors from Blogapalooza 2014. Masarap sila lahat!

I am eyeing for this one!

Teh Tarik 3 in 1 Malaysian Tea

And the main reason why I got to this place is the Teh Tarik!!! I can't wait to get my hands on, on these teas! So much joy! Looking forward for my next pay! :)

But then, I've posted the image of Teh Tarik on my FB and mom saw it. So she bought these exact 2 packs for me! She will be sending it together with a lot of goodies soon! Yay! :)

DEC's Asian Specialty
2nd Flr, Techno Plaza 2
Eastwood City Mall

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