Rakets On The Side

Rakets On The Side
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It's not a secret that we are financially struggling. It's hard to budget my salary monthly. But surprisingly, we are overcoming it and we don't have any credits. I've been juggling with my 9 hrs work 5 times a day then my rakets on the side just to have something extra. I believe that moms are really good at multitasking. And I am so grateful that I have my patient partner with me. I know that our situation is not the usual for a family, I am the one working while he stays at home. It's just a matter of sacrifice and compromising. And I know that we will not stay this way forever. Tiis tiis lang kumbaga.

I've been more creative when I've become a mom. I never thought that I will be. I am forever thankful to the times that I learned from my childhood days that are so useful now. In addition, all the experiences that I learned when I was still a member of a theatre group, where I learned to be more artistic, discipline, and confident of myself. I can still remember back in college, my first ever big raket was a theatre musical performance titled "Pag Ibig Sa Bayan" held at the Meralco Theatre. It was Senator Nene Pimentel's story about martial law. I was a dancer and a koro that time. We held the play for 2 shows in a day for 4 days. and I got paid for almost P15k. And that amount of money was really big dated around 2006. We had a lot of performances back then and I got to earn money and buy the things that I wanted. My creativity strikes in during those times. And until now I am still passionate for doing the things that I love and at the same time earn from it. It is not much but better than none at all.

1. Lipsticks & Make ups

If you are following me on IG, I always post this #LOTD (Lipstick of the day) with my selfies. Yes, I do selfies, He He He. Just because I am selling those lipsticks that I am wearing. Naks! I also sell Maldita Bleach, Bags, Wallets at kung anik anik pa. The bags are from my mom and I have a supplier for the make ups. So far my bestsellers are the matte lipsticks.

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2. Hairstylist

My friends trust me enough to do their hairs and make ups on some of their events. I am a self taught braider and hairstylist. For the hairstyles that are complicated, I will watch them on Youtube but my forte is really on braids.

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3. Odesk

I am only working at Odesk for 2 hrs per day for a week. So its really not much. It's just on easy researching and freelance. My late Auntie (who died from ovarian cancer last year) taught me how to work here. But my work is not exclusively, it really depends on the contract. Right now, I don't have a job because my previous employer ended our contract. She got a lot of leads from me. She will just contact me if she needs more.

There, these are my rakets as of the moment. It is really exhausting and very tiring but nevertheless I am happy that I can still include it on my busy schedule at work. Now you can suggest that I should just find a new job that has a higher salary. Yes, that's easy to say but right now I love my job. I am still looking forward to waking up each day and go to work. And where can you find a job that you feel like its not work at all? It makes me happy. The least that I can do is to have some part times and rakets on the side that will help us on our daily budget. But I am not closing my doors from big opportunities. If it will come, it will come.

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My partner is also helping me sell our perfumes at our neighborhood. And next week I am invited to have a small bazaar at Teletech, Cainta. I hope to display and sell my available stocks for bags, wallets, perfumes and accessories there. There are still a lot of things that I wanted to do and sell in the future. I always wanted to sell the crochets that I am making (I got a lot of orders from my friends) but I don't have all the time to do it. Before, my bestseller is the ear pads crochets for headsets because most of my friends are working at a call center. :)

Crochet Earpad for Headsets

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 It's also on my bucket list to learn how to do make ups for events. I can do the usual neutral eye-shadow and basic make up but I want to learn more. Moreover, I miss dancing a lot and having performances in different places. All my co-theatre friends are busy with their respective jobs so there is really no time to prepare for plays. Having been said that, I am still happy that I still get the chance to do what I love aside from performing. I am not getting any older and my bones are not flexible as before, that's why rakets that does not require any body effort is the easiest for me now. He He He.

It is a lot of work, sacrifice and time. But I really don't mind. Sometimes, struggling financially helps me become more productive, resourceful and creative. I will never be rich but at-least I will never ran out of ideas to survive. :)

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