Quick Sip: Coffee Bean's Moroccan Mint Tea Latte

The Coffee Bean and tea Leaf

A quick post. It's my first time going to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I had a voucher for their Moroccan Mint Tea Latte and I just need to try it. Alam nyo na, dahil discounted gorabels na agad ako. He He He.

The Coffee Bean and tea Leaf

It's my first time here so I was surprised to see the lighting buzz gadget where you can get you order once it buzzed. Akala ko kasi sa mga Tea Stores lang meron neto. :)

Coffee Bean's Moroccan Mint Tea Latte

Coffee Bean's Moroccan Mint Tea Latte is a combination of Moroccan Mint Tea, Special Dutch Chocolate, steamed non fat milk, and foam. Something really weird for your usual taste, but its good and unique though it was overly sweet for me. It also reminds me of the candy "dynamite" with a minimal mint on it.

I just want to take a picture of this :)

The funny story is, I invited my co worker Abby to accompany me because its a buy one take one promo then she didn't came. She had an earlier shift so she needs to go directly at our office. And I looked like a loner that my date didn't came and I have two mugs with me! Baka sabihin nung mga tao kawawa naman ako kasi ininjan ako ng kadate ko! Ha Ha Ha Next time I have it take out na lang. :p

My friend also mentioned that I should try the African Sunrise or Tropical Passion Tea Latte. They also have yummy foods that are a must try! Next time na kapag may andabels! :)

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Ground Floor- Unit 3 
East Wood 1800 Building 
Eastwood City 

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