#NoLimitWithInipit: No Bake Chocnut Crumble Cake on a Jar

No Bake Chocnut Crumble Cake on a Jar

If you know me by now, you will discover that I have a thing with desserts. With that being said, I also love simple desserts that I can make at home. Cakes are one of my favorites. That is the reason why I would like to learn to bake someday and will soon buy a convection oven for starters (I can't afford to buy a big oven and read from a blog that this is a great alternative). 

Every weekend is the best day to make desserts for my family. So one weekend, I decided to make a No Bake Chocnut Crumble Cake on a Jar. And because I don't own any oven yet, I'll be using Lemon Square Inipit Cakes for the foundation of my cake in a jar. 

Lemon Square Inipit Cake comes in six different flavors such as Chocolate, Lemon, Custard, Ube Pastillas, Pandan & Queso. Aside from being a good merienda to kids, there are also endless possibilities for making desserts using  Lemon Square Inipit Cakes.

Here is a simple recipe for No Bake Chocnut Crumble Cake on a Jar.

What You'll Need
Lemon Square Inipit Cakes (Chocolate Flavor)
Mixed All Purpose Cream & Condensed Milk
Cannister Jar or Mason Jar
Crushed Chocnuts
Chocolate Nips


Cut the Inipit Cakes to cubes.

Layer it inside the jar first.

Pour over the mixed all purpose cream and condensed milk. Be sure to mix a small amount of condensed milk only to avoid excessive sweetness.

Add the crushed Chocnuts & chocolate Nips.

Repeat until the jar is full. Finished it off with crumbled Chocnuts & chocolate Nips.

Chill first before serving.

And tada! You already have a No Bake Chocnut Crumble Cake on a Jar. This simple recipe is also a great bonding with kids and they will love it! My nieces & twins absolutely loved this Cake in a Jar. Because "Sarap maging kid with Inipit". Definitely #NoLimitWithInipit!

Be sure to make yours this summer! 

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