How We Celebrate Mother's Day on a Budget

Mother's Day 2015

 Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! I received a cupcake and a card from work. Yay! I am just so appreciative for the small things that I am receiving since I've become a mom. Simple things makes me happy now. 

With that being said, we simply celebrated the special day with my twins of course. You know, my partner is not in favor of having luxury dinners or mushy mushy things. Yeah I know, he's KJ like that. We went to the market and let the twins walked by themselves. They loved it because they see a lot of things while doing so. This is my 2nd year celebrating Mother's Day with them. Last year, I cooked Spanish Sardines pasta for the family. This year we just bought one box of pizza worth 50 pesos. Oh diba nairaos ang Mother's Day with just 50 pesos. :p After that we went home and watched the TV and played all day with the boys. That's it, simple as that. It's not really important how much we spent it, it's more important who you spent it with. (mga sinasabi ng walang pera Ha Ha Ha)

It's not been easy taking care of the two boys. All the credit goes to my partner. And its really more important to me to spend time with my boys than anything else. I also want to greet my Mom who is always away whenever there is a special occasion. But she knows that I love her more from the day that I've become a mom to forever (may forever). :) I love you Mom. We can get through all this. We hope to see you soon so we can catch up. And to my boys, thank you for being the reason why I celebrate Mother's Day. Everyday is crazy but I will not exchange it to anything. I love you TWO to bits!

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