Why Moms Get NOTHING Done

Have you watched this cute video? This is the video of Esther Anderson from Story Of This Life with her cute daughter. I was laughing while watching it because I can relate to it. The difference is I have twins. Yes, double the kalat. 

So we have a video something similar to this. My twins like to scatter all our dirty clothes from the laundry basket. And as soon as you tried to organize or get it back to the basket, they will eagerly throw it anywhere. As if we are having a contest on throwing clothes!

Sige kalat!
Posted by Neri Ann on Friday, April 10, 2015

Why Moms Get NOTHING Done

This also happens when I am trying to fold our clean clothes. They will end up throwing it outside our terrace. In the end our clothes will not be folded properly and will just stay on the laundry basket. I will just put it on a higher place then where they can't get it. Because they know how to open our cabinets now and once they do that we will just be surprise that all our clothes are thrown everywhere. :p

Why Moms Get NOTHING Done

So now you know Why Moms Get NOTHING Done. :)

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