Pure and Pampered Health and Beauty Fair

Pure and Pampered Health and Beauty Fair

Do you ever feel that you don't have time to pamper yourself anymore? Yeah, I am one of those. Ever since I've became a mom I don't have "me time". It's not that I am complaining. I will forever cherish my moments with my kids. Being with them is the most important thing. But one day when Kristine of Real Asian Beauty invited me for a Meet and Greet with Pure and Pampered Health and Beauty Fair, boy I gladly obliged! This event was so timely because I forgot the last time that I pampered myself.

Pure and Pampered Health and Beauty Fair
Image from Kristine

The event Pureform (Renew|Truderm) Pure and Pampered Health and Beauty Fair
 was held at the Trinoma Activity Center last March 15, 2015. Pureform makes some of the beauty products that we are familiar with like Renew Placenta and Truderm Papaya Soap. 

Pure and Pampered Health and Beauty Fair
Image from Kristine

Upon registration, you just need to purchase an amount of Php 250.00 from their different products to avail the free Skin Consultation, Photo booth, Nail Art, Hair and Make up. And because I was an invite, I don't have to pay. Cool!

Stab for Skin Consultation, Facial Massage, Make up, Nail Art, Hair Care & Photo Booth

After registration. they will give you a stab for the booths to sign after. Good thing that I haven't styled my hair that day so the first booth that I went to is the Hair section.

Pure and Pampered Health and Beauty Fair
Image from Kristine

Image from Real Asian Beauty's Blog

I love curls so much because it gives volume to my thin hair. :)

A photo posted by Neri Ann (@nheng_28) on

A photo posted by Neri Ann (@nheng_28) on

I also had my nails done! So cute right?

Image from Shutter and Reel Facebook Page

And here is our Photo Booth image. Please don't mind my pata legs! He He He

There are a lot of activities from the said event. They gave prizes for their first game which is "Bring Me", dance intermission numbers from a male group with Zeus Collins, interpretative dance of Let It Go from 2 girls and song numbers. A lot of prizes were given and the main prizes were trip to La Carmela de Boracay, Pico De Loro Hamili Coast and Anawangin Coast Zambales.

Main Prizes

Sofia Andres and Pauleen Luna was also the main guests of the day. They were the faces of Truderm Papaya and Renew Placenta respectively. I don't have any pictures of them because I was lined up for the Nai Art Booth. He He He.

Image from Real Asian Beauty

During the event I also met some of the bloggers which are Kamila of BatButt, Denise of PisceAnrat and Andy of Shimmering Thoughts. I first met Kamila from the Meet and Greet of Alison Harvard but we didn't had a chance to talk and it was so nice that we finally got a chance to chitchat. While it's the first time that I met Andy, though I've known her blog through Kristine's blog, I never thought that she was super nice in person and so Kpop looking He He He.

The event will also be seen at Kabuhayang Swak na Swak, Channel 2 at 7am this coming Saturday. And I also had an impromptu interview. Yay! :)

I also took home some of the Pureform's Products! Thank you Pureform for pampering all the women that day!

|Truderm are available in all leading drugstores. 

I was just so happy that I finally met Kristine (I blogged about her here) then pampered myself at the same time. Thank you so much Kristine for the invite and the Meet and Greet and also for treating us that day. I hope that it will not be the last time that we will see each other. :)

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