Owl Crochet Beanie

Owl Crochet Beanie

This is a long overdue post. He He He. I've been wanting to post the pattern for the Owl Crochet Beanie that I made for my twins. It's a newborn size and now that they are one year olds, it doesn't fit them anymore. We already gave it to our relatives.

I used different yarn colors and 5.00mm hook for this project. Below are the instructions.


*ch 4 sl st to form a circle
*ROUND1- ch3, 11dc
*ROUND2- 24dc
*ROUND3 - 48dc
*ROUND4 - 48dc
*ROUND5 - ROUND8 - 48dc
*ROUND9 - ROUND13 - on a diff color 48dc


*count 6 left & right and put a marker
*from 6 count to 16 & put a marker left & right
*from the 6th (with marker) 3ch, dc until the next marker. 2nd row, 2ch, get one strand pull to the 2nd ch get another strand pull until 4 strands then pull all (this is called decrease)
*dc until the last 2 and make another decrease
*ch1 make another decrease & dc until the last 2 & make another decrease
*ch2 make another decrease & another decrease last row for ear flap
*make another one on the other side
*sc the sides

Added yarns on the earflap for the hair. Braided on desired length.

Owl Crochet Beanie

Owl Crochet Beanie

Owl Crochet Beanie

Owl Crochet Beanie

For better instructions, you can watch the video below:

Happy crocheting!

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