Never Again: CAJUN

One weekend, my friends decided to have a quick reunion in SM Megamall. Immediately after we 3 met, we looked for a place where we could eat and chat. At first, we wanted to order some cold coffee at Caffe Bene but there was a lot of people. So we just decided to go to Cajun which is on the other side of Cafe Bene. It was a wrong move. I hope I search over the internet where we could dine for great food. But my data really sucks big time inside the mall.

When I looked on Zomato if there are reviews for Cajun, I can't find any but there is for Cajun Red Rock where it is noted that its temporarily close. I think they are the same because of the menu. Though they have different interior designs. I think they renovated it and change the name to just Cajun.

The ambiance is refreshing and easy to the eyes, maybe that's the reason why we got to that place on the first place. I also love the chairs. We decided to sit inside and waited for the waiter to come at our table. But to our disgust no one approached our table. So we just called the waiter to get our orders. 

Yuan and I ordered the Roasted Garlic Shrimp Pasta while Yram ordered for Bacon Ceasar Spaghetti. Yuan added for Two Cheese Potato Soup and Four Seasons for her drink. Me and Yram ordered for the bottomless Strawberry Iced Tea. I was also craving for a cake that time so for desserts I asked for Double Chocolate Overload.

The popcorn was served for starter. It was so bland. Bhezsie even added salt to it for more flavor.

3 pcs Garlic Bread

Two Cheese Potato Soup P145.00

Four Seasons

Bottomless Strawberry Iced Tea P99.00

Double Chocolate Overload P169.00

Bacon Ceasar Spaghetti P270.00

Roasted Garlic Shrimp Pasta P270.00

The serving for Roasted Garlic Shrimp Pasta was generous. I was not able to finish it and asked for a take home. Though the serving is generous it lacks ingredients. It only has 3 shrimps. Yes nabilang ko talaga! And nothing really special aside from its expensive. Mas masarap pa yung tig 30 pesos na pasta sa pantry namin sa office. The Iced Tea was okay. Its not too sweet. I love desserts so the only thing that I love from this place is the Double Chocolate Overload. 

My Beautiful Friends

Good thing I enjoyed talking with my friends over food. Kundi baka nagwala na ko dun! Ha Ha Ha! The foods are far too overpriced for a below average quality.

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