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In the year of technology, I as a mom is very thankful for online sites where I can order important documents. Because I am working full time, I really don't have time to go to government offices and line up. When my twins Baptismal and Birthday are done, my partner and I decided that we need to open a passbook account for each of them. One of the requirements is a certified NSO copy of their birth certificates. Good thing I read about the easiest way to request for Birth Certificate via Michi PhotostorySo last February 02, 2015 I requested for my twins' birth certificates at Let me show you the easy steps.

1. Go to Click on Order Now.

2. Order Now. I clicked on Birth Certificate.

3. Request Purpose. I clicked on ETC for Bank Requirement.

4. Have you applied for this certificate before? I clicked on No.

5. Birth Certificate Application Form. Fill out all the details.

6. Have you had any legal proceeding done to your birth certificate? I clicked on No.

7. Who will receive the certificate upon delivery? Fill out the details.

8. Checkout.

9. Order Confirmation.

Then I received an email for my request and made a payment via Bayad Center the next day. One Birth Certificate costs P350 pesos each. It came exactly after 3 days. 

Now the next step is to apply for the BDO Junior Savers for my twins! :)

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