QUICK BITE: Jawbreaker at Zark's

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I really wanted to buy Jawbreaker from Zark's the moment they opened at Eastwood. I wanted my partner to try it because he is a burger lover. The Jawbreaker from Zark's is the most famous of their burgers because of its sinfully meatiful patties. It also consists of spam, bacon, lettuces, tomatoes, greens and cheese sauce, served with a siding of fries and a glass of iced tea or lemonade. It costs Php 270.00.

Too bad, my partner ate it cold so he didn't really enjoyed it. As for me, I wanted more veggies but it will be too much if they add more to it. The veggies and buns balances the patties. And we are not able to finish it all. They have a dare at Zark's when you finish one Jawbreaker in 5 minutes it's for FREE! I even dared my partner to do it some other time.

There are other tempting burgers at Zark's that you can order. These are the Deep-Fried Burger; Deep-fried mushroom cheeseburger with a choice of sauce on the side (1/4 Php170, 1/2 Php205), Tombstone; Two pound cheeseburger covered with cheese served with 300 grams of fries (Php550) and Chokeslam; Quadruple cheeseburger topped with bacon, Spam, egg and lettuce (Php330).

Eastwood Citywalk 2
Libis Quezon City.

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