My Twins' First Birthday Part II

Yey here is another post for my Twins' First Birthday. When we decided to DIY our party, I knew I had to be the host for the games (I had no choice He He He). We had the usual games like paper dance, calamansi race, some Bring Me's, stop dance, pabitin and basagan ng palayok. 

Our prizes

Due to time constraint, I was not able to shop for prizes at Divisoria. Bought the prizes at a nearby market and put it on a Minion Party Bags, on our 2 Minion Palayoks & 2 Pabitins.

Minion Party Bag
Our Minion Party Bag

Minion Palayok
Our Minion Palayok

Here are some of our crazy pictures! Well we had a simple party but I think all of our guests had a blasts by the look of these pictures.

"Ano bang ginagawa nila sa min?" -  My twins having no clue on whats happening He He He

Filipino Pabitin
"Akin na 'to!"

Filipino Pabitin
"Ano kaya magandang kunin?"

Basagan ng Palayok
Basagan na ng palayok!

Basagan ng Palayok
The kids getting ready for the candies from the palayok

Calamansi Race
Calamansi Race

Paper Dance
Paper Dance

Blowing of the Candles
Make a wish! Blow the candle!

Glad that all the kids have their loot-bags! Expect that once you DIY your party, you will be exhausted. But nevertheless, I was really happy and fulfilled for all the DIY that we made. And above all, I was still thankful and happy that we don't have much and everything because I tend to be resourceful in a way. Looking forward for more Birthday Celebrations with my babies!

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