DIY Paper Heart

DIY Paper Heart
Valentine Day Letters

I almost forgot that on Saturday its Valentines Day! I was so pre occupied with what's happening with us now. I don't have a sense of date anymore. But I know mom will surpass this. And I also don't want the negativity gets through me.

Anyway I wanted to post some DIY crafts for Valentines Day. When I was in Elementary and High School I always received Valentines Letters from friends. The above image was my collection of letters (for Valentine alone). The oldest one I think was dated February 13, 1999 and will have its 16th year anniversary tomorrow! Wow! That's how I kept sentimental things. Its the time when Facebook is not yet a thing.

DIY Paper Heart
Paper Hearts

Look how old the Paper hearts! These paper hearts are so in before that I always received some and even tried to learn how to do it.

DIY Paper Heart

Now let me show you a picture instructions on how to fold a paper to make it a heart shape. You can use any stationery, simple paper or even tissue. This can make it more special by folding it into a heart.

I hope the pictures are clear enough so you can make your own paper heart. Any questions about it just comment below.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

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