DIY Magazine Envelope

DIY Magazine Envelope

As promise I will post the DIY that I did on my Twins' Minion First Birthday. The first one is the DIY Magazine Envelope. As you may know this is not the original invitation that I wanted. See my Balloon Invitation here. Finally, I just decided to have a normal invitation. and because I wanted it to be become more personalized, I made the magazine envelope myself.

I still have a lot of DIY crafts to make with magazines. I have a lot of magazine collections when I started working and I don't want them to put on waste. So instead of throwing them on trash might as well make all the crafts that I have in mind. 

Here are the things that we need to make a Magazine envelope:

Any old magazines
Envelope for tracing
old folder or any hard paper

1. Trace the envelope on the folder.

DIY Magazine Envelope

2. Cut the traced folder.
3. Trace the cut out envelope on the magazines and cut it.
3. Fold the magazine envelope as you desired. I chose the sides where there are colorful designs for the the outside of the envelopes.

DIY Magazine Envelope
Look at the photo bomber hand! He He He

4.  Glue the 2 side flaps to the bottom flap as seen on the image below.

DIY Magazine Envelope

There you already have a finished envelope! You can add white washi tapes or labels to put the name of the invitee for easy reading. You can also seal this with stickers!

DIY Magazine Envelope

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