When Stress Causes Infertility

When Stress Causes Infertility

When I learned that I was pregnant 11 months ago I was nervous and excited. Especially when most of my friends knew that I will be having twins. I am one of those lucky girls who didn't have a hard time getting pregnant, it was actually unplanned but nevertheless I still accepts it wholeheartedly. I've known friends who wanted to conceive particularly those who are 25 years old and above. Some are even seeking the help from doctors. There are a lot of reasons causing infertility, one of it is Stress.

Stress is known to be the leading cause of infertility. When you and your partner are trying to conceive and you know you’re trying for quite a long time, don’t get too stressed over it, it will not help you at all. There are several reasons why stress is the number cause of infertility. According to our friends at www.diaperchamp.com, stress can delay ovulation. Ovulation is the time during a woman’s cycle when she’s fertile and ready to conceive. When you are stressed, it will affect the hormone that’s supposed to help stimulate ovulation. When you think you’re too stressed out trying to conceive, take a short break. Knowing how to pinpoint your ovulation will help lessen the stress. Use an ovulation predictor kit or a BBT thermometer to check for ovulation or know what body signs you may probably get when you’re nearing ovulation. Stay calm, go out, set a date and have fun with your partner. Trying to conceive should not be a stressful time. Also for men, stress can also affect production of healthy sperm. Don't forget to look into your partner, to see if maybe he needs to have a sperm count test likewise to make sure his swimmers are in good shape.

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