I am a sandwich lover. I loved how I can eat it whenever I am on the go. One of my favorite is the simple Grilled Cheese from the The Sandwich Guy. But one fine day after work, I got to try the Subway Sandwiches in II Centro Sta. Lucia.

SPICY ITALIAN: Served on freshly baked bread and toasted to perfection, it features spicy pepperoni and salami

Spicy Italian Foot-long Subway P138.00

I ordered for the Spicy Italian Foot-long Subway with Thousand Island Dressing and my choice of veggies. I had it cut to two so I can have a pasalubong to my partner. And guess what? He loves it! Hallelujah! My partner who always criticize food that he can do & prepare at home daw. Who will always say that he cooks better and food on a restaurant is expensive daw. And who is always difficult to date outside because he will always eat on the same place (unlimited rice, chicken and burgers). At last he likes something new! And not only that he requested for another Subway Sandwich!

Of course I gladly obliged and went to Subway the next day. Minsan lang humiling sa kin ang jowa ko ng hindi Angel's Burger! I ordered again for the Subway Spicy Italian 6 inch worth P69.00 pesos only and Subway Melt for P150.00 pesos 6 inch.

SUBWAY MELT: Served on freshly baked bread stuffed with tender sliced chicken, ham, crispy bacon, melted cheese, and your choice of tasty vegetables and condiments

Subway Melt 6 inch with your choice of veggies & Ranch dressing

Here's how to order your Subway Sandwich

Choose your bread

You can choose from 4 different breads: Honey Oat, Wheat, Parmesan Oregano & White Italian. I already tried Honey Oat and Parmesan Oregano, both are delicious.

Then, choose which size 6 inch or Foot-long.

Choose extras like cheese, meat or bacon. Add veggies.

Select your sauce. And finally make it a Meal Deal.

The Spicy Italian Sandwich is the cheapest and I think my new favorite too! If you don't want to order for an expensive sandwich this is the best one to order. The Subway Melt is also delicious and I should try it with extra cheese and bacon! Yum Yum!

Can you imagine my partner requested another Spicy Italian on my payday? I went to Subway for 3 consecutive days! That's how good it is.

II Centro Sta. Lucia

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