My Twins' Baptismal on a Budget

My Twin's Baptismal on a Budget

Yey at last my twins are finally baptized! Long sigh here. It was nerve wracking and tiring at the same time. We actually planned the reception at our house and cooked all the prepared food. Boy it was so exhausting! Though the planning was more easy for me.

Have you thought about how difficult it is to raise multiples? And how expensive it is? Yes I do. So without a doubt, I said to myself that we will have a simple reception for their Baptism to stress away the budgeting and all. It was really hard. Plus the fact that I am the only one working. But don't get me wrong, I love my kids so much I will give everything to them. But I, as a mom now I want to be more practical. It's more important that they got baptized more than anything else. So let me show you the things that we spent and how we budgeted everything for my Twin's Baptismal for the amount of P15,000 pesos (1,000 plus US Dollar).

  • Determine your guest list - I only invited my twin's Godparents, plus some close relatives. Have it small because this is where all things will depend from. I think we had 50 plus guests.
  • DIY things that you can - I diy the invitations, souvenirs, backdrop, candy buffet. For the invitations, I only printed a few pieces and sent the others on Facebook. 

Washified Candles, DIY Invitation, DIY Cupcake Towel
DIY Invitation, Washified Candles and DIY Cupcake Towel

For the souvenirs, I made the Cupcake Towel and also added washi tapes for the candles.

DIY Backdrop
Our simple backdrop

Made the backdrop from the balloons that my mom sent and white/blue papel de hapon and cut to strips. I didn't have any tarpaulin printed because I can't use it after the event.

DIY Candy Buffet
DIY Candy Buffet

Lastly, diy the candy buffet. I borrowed the chocolate fountain from my office mate. 

Chocolate Fountain

Bought Dutche Chocolate Syrup from SM Supermarket worth 200 pesos plus the bread sticks. I just had the kreme top cupcakes instead of a real cupcake. I wanted to add whipped cream but don't know how to do it. Originally I planned on having a cupcake topper, but because we don't have any printer it will cost much to have it printed especially in colored so I did not include those. Bought the candies from Marikina which costs P300 plus pesos. The cute plates are gifts for my twins from my hipag. Overall the price of my candy buffet is not exceeding to 1k.


  • Cook the menu - My partner insisted on cooking when I told him that he will be exhausted once he is in the church. And he is really good in terms of budgeting the food. I don't know how he did it. We had menudo, pininyahang manok, caldereta, chicken curry, spring rolls and pancit bihon/canton. We placed it on the food warmers that we bought in Divisoria

Baptismal Food
The only picture that I have for the food. Pic from my father's phone. I was so busy roaming around to make sure that everyone is eating and entertaining them. :)

  • Have someone shoulder some stuff in short "gift na nila sayo" - My mom shouldered the cake and give us some money to add on our budget. The twin's lolo made "dirty ice cream" which is really a hit to the kids.

Red Ribbon Dedication Cake
We got the simple dedication cake from Red Ribbon

  • Have someone take pictures.
  • Bought simple Baptismal Clothes that can still be use after the event

Baptismal Clothes
Baptismal Clothes P180.00 each

  • Tables, chairs & videoke - I spent 1, 200 for this which is kinda expensive because its December and a lot of people is having parties.
The original plan was to joint the celebration of their Baptismal and their Birthday but I don't want a big party and as soon as I had my 2 weeks holiday off from work I decided to have it on my Birthday instead. A lot of things was DIY, so it was really tiring! But overall I was really happy because we didn't spent much. We only had 10k on hand. I had my 13th month pay which we spent for the new clothes of my twins, my partner and gifts for close relatives and god children. Then my other twin got an asthma attack which we didn't knew (doctor said that it is inherited and I had mine when I was a baby) so we need to buy nebulizer and medicines. So it was really not enough. Luckily my mom sent me 5k for her share on my Twin's Baptismal because she is not here in the Philippines. That being said we really need a tight budgeting plan and stick to it. I don't want us to be starving after the event if we spent all our money and there is still New Year. 

Whew! I think we really did a good job. Our visitors have enough food that day and the kids enjoyed the candy buffet and dirty ice cream so much that they kept on coming back. And to our surprise our generous ninongs and ninangs gave enough ampao plus gifts to the twins that overall if we are going to calculate it we only spent a total of 5k!

So much to be thankful for! I want to thank my partner for budgeting the menus, their lolo's who made the dirty ice creams, my father, tita and brother for helping my partner on cooking, my hipag for helping me decorate the house and for all the people who came to our house to celebrate. 

My Twin's Baptismal on a Budget

My Twin's Baptismal on a Budget

Especially, I am so thankful that my twins are finally Christians which is the most important of all that day. I hope that you two will grow and instill in your hearts the true meaning of this event and become good Christians. I love you to bits my bebe lablabs!

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