My Cozy Day Must Haves

My Cozy Day Must Haves

In this super cold weather I can't believe that we are almost on the mid week of January! And it's the good reason to cuddle up on your bed all day! I mean c'mon sometimes we just need to relax. Don't you think?

1.  Comfy Beddings
I am hearing the song "Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars on my head. "Today I don't feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed". And if my Bedding Sheets are this comfortable who would like to get up? These finest quality Bedding from Parachute Home are a must haves!

Dozing up on your bed will not be complete if you don't wear those comfy pajamas. I mean I want to sleep now!

3. Cute Socks

You shouldn't ignore those feet! They also need warming up.

4. Bonnet

To complete the look of dozing off. Zzzzz

When you are taking a break, it's always good to catch up some reading.

6.  Hot Chocolate
Need I say more? These hot chocolates is a good pair on your reading. Top it off with marshmallows and your cozy day will be complete!

And best of all, its the best time to cuddle with my two adorable twins. These are my cozy day must haves, what about yours? Would love to hear them!

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