DIY Magazine Ribbon Topper for Gifts

DIY Magazine Ribbon Topper for Gifts

I still have the hangover of wrapping gifts from the last Holiday season! As you know last Christmas I decided to wrap my gifts from Manila Paper and added Washi Tapes. I also have these ideas posted here on my blog. And here is another DIY craft that we can use in addition to wrapping gifts. Used old magazine as a ribbon topper. 

What you'll need:

Old Magazines

1. Choose any page from your old magazine. More colorful more fun!

2. Fold the magazine horizontally or according to desired thickness of your ribbon.

3. Cut to different sizes of stripes. 

4. Form the stripes to number 8 as shown above. Tape the edges.

 These are the result after you form all your stripes. Just form a circle for the last and smallest stripe.

5. Form a flower using the first 2 large formed 8 stripes. Then continue to add the others on top to form the ribbon. Lastly, add the circle on the center. Add tape at the back and put it on top of your wrapped gift.

DIY Magazine Ribbon Topper for Gifts

I added the washi tape on my wrapped gift and on the center is my DIY Magazine Ribbon Topper. So cute right? And you didn't spent a penny. Tell me if you tried it. Happy crafting!

I have this project listed on the following:

Happy Crafting!

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