Preparation For My Twins' Baptismal

I will be out of the blogging world for a while to give way on my preparations for my Twin's Baptismal. The reception will just be at our house. It will just be a simple celebration with families, close friends and their Ninongs and Ninangs. We decided to celebrate it on my 29th Birthday and also its their 11th month. I didn't have it on their first Birthday because I just want to have a simple celebration on that separate occasion.

Here is a sample invitation that I made via Photoshop. I got the design from Pinterest, tweaked it a bit and added the pictures of my twins. I will sen this via Facebook and will print just a few copies for those who dont have social media.

Sample Invitation

This one is for the souvenirs that I am planning to DIY. I made the designs which incorporated the invitation. I don't have a theme for the baptismal just this color and shapes will do.

I also made the design for the cupcake and cake topper.

I will add this on a picture frame to be place on the table

Baptismal Clothes for P180.00 each

I already bought their simple Baptismal clothes. I got the simple ones so after their Baptismal they can still wear it.

I am spending a lot of time looking for ideas on Pinterest. We will only have the reception at our house, so I would like to try making a DIY candy buffet (which is my first time). I have a lot of ideas from Mrs Mommyholic. She's really great on doing a lot of DIY for her kid's birthday parties. We are strictly on a budget and I hope we can pull it off. I'll update you here soon and wish me luck.

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