My Recent Shopping Haul

Shopping is my stress reliever even before I was single. I can shop for the whole day in tiangges, bazaar, malls, ukays etc. There were times na I bought clothes and even if hindi pa nasusuot at may nakita na naman akong gusto ko I will surely buy it!

Now, my shopping list include mostly for my twins.  My first route will be at the kid's section. And because I am a mom na I always go for sales! Who wouldn't? I always shop in pairs so I need to find great deals. Ha Ha Ha.

Now let me show you my recent buys for October and November (and yes I haven't done my Christmas Shopping list just yet)

Got these toys from Toy Kingdom at Greenhills for P79.00 pesos each

Toy Trucks

Beach Toys, for future beach escapade

2 Snoopy shirts from SM Megamall Department Store

Sorry I forgot the prize of these shirts but I got them half the prize.

2 khaki shorts from SM Megamall Department Store

I also got these half their prize.

And of course shopping will not be complete if I don't have items for myself! He He He.

2 Spaghetti Strap at P60.00 each

I often go for simple and staple items like spaghetti straps and shirts where you can partner them with anything. Plus it will never be out of style. Usually for my dress down days at the office.

2 Round Shape Shirts at P100.00 pesos each at Greenhills Shopping Mall

Origami Shorts from my friend's online shop. I bought one because of this. :)

Long Sleeves Shoulder Peekaboo from my friend's online shop

Long Sleeve Lace Top with Shoulder Peekaboo from @bargainclosetph at Instagram

Stripes Long Sleeves from @bargainclosetph at Instagram

Now I really need to do my Christmas Shopping List! *wink.wink*

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