I will never go back to PINK PARLOUR

Let me tell you what happened last Friday, December 12, 2014. I am on a half day at work, my friend Donna and I decided to go somewhere to celebrate her Birthday. But I asked her if she can accompany me first to SM Pasig. I have with me the 500 pesos gift card of Pink Parlour which I got for a prize from Zing Rewards for playing their level 2 minute to win it challenge from the last Blogapalooza 2014.

Before going there I thought of calling first but didn't mind doing so. Because if they will not accommodate me its fine, malapit lang naman sya from work so I can go there any day. At saka may plan naman kame ni Donna na pumunta somewhere. When we reached Pink Parlour, akala namin walang tao. I opened the door and there they are sited sa may ibaba ng reception desk. The girl didn't even smiled at me. At nung nalaman nyang gift card ang dala ko she immediately said that I should have called first and should be scheduled after 3 days. Then I answered "Ok lang ate, kung hindi pwede babalik na lang po ako kung kelan pwede."

Ate then again said. "May policy po kasi kami sa mga gift certificates eh." Sabe ko ulet "Ok lang po ate." After that she said that she will call their manager to confirm if they can accommodate me. Take note, there are no customers that time and I just want a manicure and pedicure. Pumayag yung manager nila na iaccommodate ako, and then Ate being so makulit and irritating repeated again that it's their policy that we should call first before going there if we have a gc. Madame daw kasing nagagalit kapag pumupunta dun then hindi naaaccommodate, wala kasing nakalagay dun sa gift card nila na kelangan ng appointment if you are holding a gc. Ate said she didn't even know why but we should have an appointment first. Ate paulit ulit ka lang? Kung ayaw mu ko iaccommodate just tell me. But I am still calm and didn't say anything. Again, Ate handed me a laminated policy guidelines about having a gc. Hindi pa sya natapos dun. She even handed me a brochure with their numbers saying that if I will go there again I should call the numbers first. She asked me if I have another gc, I said none. So she said again that if ever na bumalik daw ako duon be sure daw na tumawag muna ako. Irritating! Yes? Ok I know that it is my fault that I go there without an appointment. But if they will not accommodate me sana sabihin na nila. It's ok, I even tell her that I can go back any day. Pero yung ipaulit ulit nya sa kin? And in tagalog pa? I totally understand it. 

Ate calling their manager, I didn't bother getting her name

My friend Donna, she wanted to have a foot massage at dahil ganun yung pakikitungo ni Ate sa kin wag na lang daw.

I really felt uncomfortable, but I continue on getting my nails done. When I entered the room, the other staff advised me to choose a color that will be used for the mani and pedi. I chose a red color. While waiting I got to snapped some pictures inside.

I know that Pink Parlour is known for their waxing. But I don't want any waxing treatment that time. I also read from Genzel's blog her great experience from Pink Parlour from their other branch. So I did'nt expect that they will treat me like this.

The other girl staff is the one cleaning my toe nails and the Ate makulit is doing my hands. I am so preoccupied that time just checking my feeds on Facebook with my Iphone and didn't talked to them while they are cleaning my nails. The Ate makulit is also asking me how I want my nails shaped (I really felt that its on her sarcastic tone). A few minutes they are already finished. Wow may lakad ata sila Ate. The nails on my feet are cleaned just ok, she even asked me if its hurts. There are just few of the dried skin around the toe that is not cleaned.

Then my fingernails. See for yourself what is wrong on how she cleaned my nails.

Right hand without filter inside the salon

Left hand without filter outside the salon

Is it cleaned? A big NO. Can you see the dried skin on the sides? Well she didn't remove it I don't know why. When I saw it, wtf? I was asked on looloo (I posted a review there) why didn't I asked them to redo it. No I didn't bother, and I just want to get out of that place immediately. First I felt uncomfortable the way the staff treated me. I know I was holding a gc but still I am your customer. Plus the service is not worth it. Imagine 500 pesos for a manicure and pedicure like this? Sana dun na lang ako sa mga pipitsuging salon na mas maganda pa ang paglilinis. The only pakonswelo is the nice polish that they applied and that's it! Nothing more!

I hope their manager can read my post or better yet the owner of this branch. I hope they do something about this. How about the other customers who will avail the same treatment? They should have a training on how to clean nails properly to think that their price is so expensive.

 I will never go back to this place nor recommend it to my friends ever!

Pink Parlour
SM Center Pasig
Tiendesitas C-5, Pasig

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