DIY Gift Wrapper Ideas

What I love the most about Christmas is wrapping gifts! Aside from the usual motto "It's the thought that counts" the receiver of the gift will feel much appreciated on how you add personal touch on the gifts. The thought and the efforts will really count! Last year (preggy time), I only wrapped my presents with a normal Christmas gift wrappers that you can buy for a low cost.

This year, aside from cost cutting on gifts (I made some of the gifts for my new nieces and nephews), I also want to DIY the gift wrappers. You can find a lot of resources at your home and the good thing about it is it's totally free! You just need to be a little creative. There are a lot of ideas from Pinterest too! This is the best place to search for ideas and DIY things.

So on this post I will show you some of my favorite DIY Gift Wrapper Ideas. I am so excited to wrap my gifts using some of these ideas.

DIY Gift Wrapper Using Magazine as Ribbons

So many options! Just the thought of it makes me feel excited and super kilig! Now let me do my Christmas wrapping!

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