What I Learned About Having Twins

You don't get to see a lot of post on this blog me being a mom. Not to one but to two little boys. Yes, I have twins and a newbie mom. I am still learning a lot on how to raise them. It is a roller coaster ride but really fun and will not exchange it to anything in this world. Let me show you some of the things that I've learned for almost 9 months and usual comments that I am receiving from other people.

  • They have different personalities - definitely!
  • You will need a lot of help - I mean a lot!
  • You will spent a lot of money on diapers & milk - Not double but quadruple!
  • You will get a lot of questions from strangers like "kambal ba sila?" - I get it always
  • Another question is how do you tell them apart? - From my research they have a percentage of being an identical twins because they came from one placenta but 2 amniotic sacs they have different features on their faces though from time to time magkamukha talaga sila lalo na if its the 1st time you see them
  • You will not have enough sleep - A mom with one doesn't have a lot of sleep ako pa kaya?
  • The first born is the youngest while the last is the eldest. Because the last twin gave way first to his other twin.
  • People will ask sino ang mas mabait at sino ang mas makulit? - Please don't ever ever compare them they are two different individuals.
  • I learned to feed and breastfeed two babies at once
  • I learned a lot about twins - When I first learned that I will be having twins I thought 2 types of twins lang ang meron identical & fraternal. Madame pa lang klase ng twins. My twins are mono di meaning Monochorionic Diamniotic twins.
  • I learned about suprising facts about twins on this video:

  • "Wow twins! how did you do it?" - I don't have any idea too! Some are even asking what position should they do to have twins. Ha Ha Ha
  • My twins are definitely unique in their own way and they are really really special.
  • I got two kids with only one birthday! So one celebration lang per year! How cool is that? 
  • I get a lot of compliments like "ang cute ng twins mo!" "ang galing may twins ka!" "ang liit mu pero nagkatwins ka!" and a lot more!
  • It is not easy but worth it!
  • But most especially it is not double the trouble but indeed double the fun!

I love you my two bebe labs!

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