Tokwa and Beef Sisig

Another weekend I was craving for sisig. So I requested boyfie to make one.


1/2 Tofu/Tokwa
1/2 Beef
2 pieces Siling Haba
Magic Sarap

How to Cook:

  • Fry the tofu then cut it into small pieces afterward.
  • Fry the beef and cut it also into small pieces.
  • Saute the garlic, onions and Siling Haba. Combine the tofu and beef. Add pepper, salt and magic sarap to taste.
  • Sever hot and squeeze a calamansi.

For this recipe you can also add mayo, it will depend on you if you like to. I always request for this for a substitute of sisig because it's much easier to prepare no need to broil the beef.

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