DIY Magazine Christmas Tree

DIY Magazine Christmas Tree

Christmas is fast approaching! 44 days to go before Christmas! And everyone is excited to decorate their house with lights, paroles and Christmas Trees. Nowadays, I can't really afford to buy new decorations. Well, my 4 year old, 4 feet tall Christmas Tree can still do the job. But the twins are being playful now and puts everything on their mouth that their hands can reach. This is the reason why I made a Christmas tree out of an old magazine. It's simple to do, free and worry free in case the twins destroy it. He He He.

I've been eyeing a lot of DIY Magazine ideas lately and this is the 1st one on my list.

All you need is an old magazine and your creative hands.
By the way this is an original idea from Martha Stewart site.

Here are the easy steps:

1. Old Magazines
2. Fold every page triangularly
3. After folding each page from number 2, fold each pages in half.
4. After folding each page from number 3, fold the excess lower portion of each pages.
5. Tada! You already have an effortless Magazine Christmas Tree

So simple!

DIY Magazine Christmas Tree

You can add glitters, paint it or add garlands on your Magazine Christmas Tree. I added 3 small little stars on mine to finish it off. I placed it above my DVD with the DIY gifts boxes that my mom made. It really blends well with my Crochet Tv cover and DVD cover that I made. I love it!

What do you think about this? Let me know if you tried this tutorial.

I have my DIY Magazine Christmas Tree at Someday Crafts 2014 Crafting Party. Click on the link to see other crafty ideas!


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