Ampalaya Plus Delite Herbal Tea of Nattural Quality Corporation

One of my favorite booth from Blogapalooza 2014 is Nattural Quality Corporation. They had this Pinoy Henyo Game that we played, together with fellow mommy blogger Aubrey. We won before our time limit ends. Saya lang!

Our prize is one box of Delite Herbal Tea. We also had Nice Day Coffees. The boyfie already tried the coffee and he really liked it. 

Delite Herbal Tea
Delite Herbal Tea

I really love teas! Be it cold or hot. Aside from the fact that it is healthy, it is also refreshing and delicious. I have several tea favorites.

This is my first time to try Ampalaya Plus Delite Herbal Tea. Ampalaya Plus Delite Herbal Tea, Ampalaya Plus variant is a refreshing and delicious tea drink that offers Amplaya, Banaba, Luyang Dilaw and Green Tea blended in Natural Calamansi flavor.

Delite Herbal Tea
Side of Delite Herbal Tea Box where you can see Nutrition Facts, Manufacturing Date and Best Before Date

Delite Herbal Tea
The other side of the box where you can see the ingredients

Delite Herbal Tea
Ampalaya Plus Delite Herbal Tea

A lot of sachets! :)

Ampalaya Plus Delite Herbal Tea

The taste of ampalaya is not so strong. The ginger taste complimented the calamansi flavor. I prepared it hot and this is good after a very delicious meal. You should try it!

Nattural Quality Corporation

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  1. Uy masarap pala yung tea. Hindi ko pa nata-try. Hindi ko din nagamit yung Bio essence ko.:( Haaaay!


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