BIOESSENCE: Stress Relief Back Massage Experience

Last week was one of my busiest week at work. We had 3 days of mandatory overtime, a lot of emails to be finished and a new process to initialized. So when I received the text from Bioessence, to use my premium pass I gladly obliged. 

The premium pass that I received was from my loot from the last Blogapalooza 2014. We went to the booth of Bioessence, had a selfie picture with Allison Harvard's photo and got ourselves a lip balm and a Premium Pass to either Stress Relief Back Massage or Beauty Break Facial. I chose the first one because I still have those rashes on my face because of this. This is very timely because I felt a little stress for all the work and I just needed something to help me feel relieve plus it's a Friday!

I went in Bioessence's Branch at Sta. Lucia Grandmall, which is very convenient for me because it's on the way home. I used the pass last Friday October 24, 2014 after work so to validate an entry for their current contest to meet and greet Allison Harvard in person. I am a fan of the model from America's Next Top Model All Stars. I love Sophie too!

BIOESSENCE: Premium Pass

This is my premium pass that I hand over on the reception.

I am not really new to Bioessence. I once gave my mom a gift certificate for mom's day for her to experience their one hour massage. And she did liked it.


BIOESSENCE: Sta Lucia Branch

Bioessence is celebrating their 20th anniversary, so when you go to their branches you will see balloons like this on the entrance of their clinic. They also have an ongoing contest that you will see on their banners.


Upon entering you will see this lucky frog on the reception table. And the whole clinic smells really good.

When I reached the reception table, I asked If I needed an appointment for a treatment. The receptionist politely answered that I can do it onset. She asked me to write my information on an index paper, and what treatment do I wish to have that day. I said that I wanted to have a Stress Relief Back Massage. 

Reception chairs

Cozy and comfortable reception chairs.


A stall of some of their products.


Some of the massage/facial rooms

They didn't let me wait for hours, I was called immediately after signing at the reception that we are going to start the massage.

Massage Room

This is the small but cozy massage room.

When I entered the massage room, Sheryl the masseuse, asked if I wanted a light or hard massage. I chose the first one. I just wanted to feel relaxed. She advised me to lie on the massage bed, face down. The massage started from the back of my leg on the calf part. It also include the butt, and mostly back of the waist upward including head, arms and hands. It lasted for more than 20 minutes and I felt like it was one hour!

The masseuse really had a very nice job because she was able to identify all my "lamigs". Especially the left part on my shoulder which is very painful. My favorite part is the massage that she did on my arms.


Me after the massage, felt so very relaxed and at home! Ha Ha Ha

I want to sleep here na after the massage! Ha Ha Ha!

After the massage I felt very relaxed, relieved and happy. So glad that I had this experience and it's free!

Complimentary Tea & Cookies

Sheryl also handed me complimentary tea (which I loved!) and 3 pieces cookies and let me rest for a while.

Ms Sheryl, masseuse

Thank you Sheryl for a job well done!

Overall my experience was amazing! Staff are polite and well trained. 
I can't wait to try their full body massage on my next visit. 
Thank you Bioessence for this wonderful experience. It's all worth it.


Nheng <3


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