Club Carmela Beach Resort, Gonzaga Cagayan

"A little sand between your toes always takes away your woes."

Located in Gonzaga, nestled in the waters of the South China Sea at the north-eastern part of Cagayan. It is a serene world unto itself , far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and yet easily accessible, giving you the peace and quiet you need to refresh your spirit without any distractions. It is well-located, so that you can have your pick of activities… a pristine beach front offering a breathtaking view of the calm open seas below and the majestic skies above, and a well-trained staff of activity coordinators who will assist those in pursuit of an adventure-filled, active vacation. Club accommodations also ensure the comfort of those wanting for a quiet, calming rest. Various recreational facilities present you with modern comforts while you enjoy the laid-back pace of beach living.

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Club Carmela Beach Resort, Gonzaga Cagayan
Club Carmela Beach Resort, Gonzaga Cagayan
I've been here last 2012. I've had my 4 days vacation from work to attend a highschool friend's wedding. Together with my aunties we visited our relatives in Gonzaga and have a little tour in Club Carmela Beach Resort.

It was a quiet and serene place. I don't know if someone goes here for a swim because the waves are too strong. 

Below are the pictures that I took.
Club Carmela Beach Resort, Gonzaga Cagayan

Decors like from Thailand
Look at the bottles on the right hand side. Cute DIY right?

I remembered No Face from Spirited Away Movie

Hmmm, it's not what you think it is.


Me! Blends really well on the background colour! Hehehe

We didn't pay any entrance because a close relative is a caretaker of the resort. And also we didn't accommodate any rooms, as in tumambay lang kami and took photos.

View from the resort to the ocean

Cute Nipa Huts

Look at the waves! There are no justification on my pictures. It didn't catch how strong the waves are.

Thank's for viewing this long full of images post! Hehehe. 'Till our next travel!

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