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    Monday, July 10, 2017

    My Daughter's DIY Baptismal

    My Daughter's DIY Baptismal

    Last Easter we celebrated my daughter's baptismal. We spent an amount not more than P15,000 pesos. So if you want to know how we manage to spent that small amount, tune in to this blogpost.

    We were not born rich, just the normal average one income family. Ever since this blog began, its not a secret that I always try to do DIY for my kids. Be it Baptismal or Birthdays. When my daughter came into our life, I had a lot of ideas for a girl party. But I know in my pocket, that it should be within the budget. Yes mga bes! The struggle is real! :)

    I started planning a few months after giving birth to Athalia. We decided to have it On Easter, a few weeks before I go back to work. It's a good thing that I still have half the money from my SSS Maternity Benefits.

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    During my pregnancy, I already made my daughter's baptismal hat and shoes out of yarns. Then I went cramming on doing the dress. Initially, I wanted a crochet top then tulle for the skirt. But the tulle that I bought online was too hard and itchy for her to wear. Days before her Baptismal, I finally finished her dress and a bit disappointed about the color of the yarn. A few friends commented that its actually ok and its not that noticeable. Best in cramming kasi eh! :)

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    I also made her Baptismal invitation. You can check on my previous post on how I made her DIY Magnet Invitation.

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    We had the reception at our house. As usual, my partner cooked for our 7 Filipino dishes with rice of course. I made the buco pandan dessert and ordered a simple cake at Goldilocks.

    My Daughter's DIY Baptismal

    The DIY decors was made a day before the baptismal. I had the help of my sister in law. She made the cut-out name of Athalia. I made the flowers out of cartolina which was not easy to do.

    It was tiring but fun! And because our baby girl will be turning 6 months this July, it's time to plan for her DIY 1st birthday.

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