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    Friday, March 10, 2017

    KEZI Baby: Beautifully Crafted Headbands

    KEZI Baby: Beautifully Crafted Headbands

    I love dressing my little girl with headbands. It completes her overall outfit of the day. As my mom noticed, my little girl looks like her twin brothers when they were still young. Well she's just a month old and I am sure as days pass by, her features will soon change. So I always adorn her with headbands, headbands made from crochet or no-sew headbands, to bring out her cuteness and just because I really want to dress her up. It is so much fun!

    Headbands is the number one choice of moms for their baby girl's accessories. And we are so delighted that Kezi Baby sent us two cute headbands for my baby to wear.

    KEZI Baby: Beautifully Crafted HeadbandsKEZI Baby: Beautifully Crafted Headbands

    Kezi Baby Headbands are beautifully crafted for your little minis. The designs are so cute and me myself can't help but gasp when she started to wear it. The materials used are soft and it is comfortable for your baby to use.

    Here are some cute and adorable pictures of my baby with Kezi Baby Headbands.

    KEZI Baby: Beautifully Crafted Headbands
    Whatcha lookin' at?

    'Is this smile ok mommy? :)

    KEZI Baby: Beautifully Crafted Headbands
    Blah! Blah! Blah! :p

    KEZI Baby: Beautifully Crafted Headbands
    Hey I look good on this angle!
    KEZI Baby: Beautifully Crafted Headbands
    Mommy where's my light! I looked dark here! :p

    KEZI Baby: Beautifully Crafted Headbands
    This is my mom's dress when she was 9 months old, FIY. :D

    Thank you Kezi Baby for these gorgeous headbands!

    Check out Kezi Baby on Facebook and Instagram and choose from their wide arrays of designs and colors of headbands. They also sell baby shoes and twinning mom and baby clothes. And not to worry about the price because they are affordable!

    KEZI Baby

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